Are you ready to turn your passion into a profit?

Do you need help navigating the set-up of your new business?

Are you searching for better balance in your business and life?

A business coach can provide you with a fresh perspective, and can draw upon years of experience to help guide you and your business towards better growth and success. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your business, or in your plans to start your new business, a business coach can guide you through this stage by developing goals which are supported by a detailed action plan.

Having an accountability partner can make all of the difference, it can motivate you to achieve much more in your business. As an accountability partner a business coach will give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

Understanding the legal obligations of running a business in Australia is imperative to developing a sound business structure. If you are unfamiliar with business law a business coach can help you to navigate through the rules and regulations and processes required to ensure your business is set up and running lawfully.

How well do you know your target customer? Do you know how to find them, how to talk their language, how best to serve them? Most business owners are experts in their field, and know all about their industry and the in’s and out’s of their products and services. However, they may need to learn the skill of bringing their services and products to the marketplace, to make themselves visible, known, wanted, recognised as the go to person for their industry. The market place is crowded, there is plenty of competition out there, don’t let that stop you! Understanding how best to position your business in the market place, develop the right prices, at the right time to your target customers requires a detailed plan.

Are your days fully of “busy-ness” but lack productivity? This is a common occurance, and quite often experienced by business owners who have started their business without any help or guidance. Through no fault of their own these business owners feel like they are chasing their tails and are not making any real progress or developing momentum within their business. Spending time undertaking a review of the current processes within your business, and developing boundaries and clear goals may improve your productivity and provide you with more balance in your business.

Do you feel like your business is consuming your life and you are struggling to find the time to spend with family, or a loved one, or to do the fun things in life that bring you happiness? You are not alone, and is a common area a business coach can help business owners with. Finding happiness and balance within your business is possible.

Are you unfamiliar with how to manage business finances? Does the thought of developing a budget or a sales forecast send you in to a panic? Many business owners find themselves working on any other possible task, and avoid this critical component of their business, usually because they have never been taught how. There is no shame in not knowing how to manage this task in your business, and you do not have to be a maths genius either! Once you learn how to manage this function, you will be relieved to understand how manageable it is. No more running your business in the dark. No more running a business without understanding your cashflow.

If any of these scenarios are your current experience, you may find working with a business coach beneficial to you and your business. At Inspired Momentum we offer a 30 minute FREE (no obligation) Discovery Meeting. Contact us today to take advantage of this offer, and to help you take the next positive step for your business.